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Central Florida Classic Competitor Entry


We ask for information regarding the pilot and the plane, which we can feature on our team roster.  We want to build your fan base and give fans a way to connect with you. We will contact you after purchase to gather more information, and pictures.

110 in stock

Thank you for participating in the Central Florida Classic at Lakeland, FL.  This event promises to bring more fun than ever before.

Upon purchase of this entry, you will be allowed to compete in the competition on Friday. If you qualify (top 6 in your class) you will take place in our finals event on Saturday!

Each competitor will compete on Friday in a qualifying round. Full rules can be found in our events page.

Additional things will be available for purchase in the next few weeks, such as special events, and raffle tickets. If you desire to airplane camp, we will be arranging that. Please contact us at and let us know your intent to do so.

Now, once you purchase your entry, continue to edit your profile and put a picture of you, and your aircraft. Fill out all the details, and we will then approve it to be added to the roster.

Thanks! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Tom at or call Tom at 561-571-2541.


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