Sun ‘n Fun Demonstration Pilot Volunteer Form


The SNF Demo for April 5-10 is a 1 hour a day demonstration at Lakeland. If you register, you will receive an email with additional information. You are not guaranteed to compete/demo just because you registered. We will select the individuals who will compete after registration.  

Pilots will be assigned to groups, and will compete for bragging rights against the others. Unlike our normal events, these points will not go towards the season standings.


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This year we’re going to demo National STOL to the audience at Paradise City at the Sun n Fun airshow on April 5-10 in Lakeland, Florida.

We are performing an hour a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the audience at Paradise city. If you register, you should be prepared to fly all days, however, if we have enough volunteers, we will allow people to sit out that want to.  By registering, you are throwing your name a hat, and we will select the final pool of pilots to demo. You are not guaranteed to compete just because you submit a reservation. We will contact you to confirm your selection.

If you desire to airplane / RV camp, we will be arranging that. If you intend on camping, you must contact us at or call Anitra and let us know your intent to do so. Thanks!

Event Details

1 1: April 05, 2022

1 2: April 06, 2022

1 3: April 07, 2022

1 4: April 08, 2022

1 5: April 09, 2022

Start time: 18:00 EST

End time: 20:00 EST

Venue: Paradise City, Lakeland Airport

Phone: 3052092092