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Dan Reynolds91983 Chinook Valdez SpecialC-IEYPN/ARotax 670105054026 inch AirstreaksSlats & VGsToo many to listDawsonBush pilot all my life flying Super Cubs and Cessna 185. This plane is a highly modified 1983 Chinook WT 11. I designed and built all the modifications with the exception of the slats ( Carbon Concept) I have logged over 6,000 hrs on the 4 Chinooks I own. Going to the Valdez STOL in Alaska inspired me to modify and build this aircraft., hence the name of this model. I have two of the "Valdez Special "that are flying and another one all framed up.
Steve Henry44 Just Aircraft HighlanderN622SCWild West Aircraft ID


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Brandon Corn301963 Cessna C205N8154ZBrazos Bullet AvaiationContinental IO470 260HP330018718.50main 6.00 noseSportsman STOL Kit VG’s, MT Expedition Series PropellerDynon HDXGause TXFrom Hearne Texas ,3rd generation owner of Corn Collision Center established in 1948. After years of racing Wing Sprint Cars started flying and loving the challenge and constant learning and new adventures. I love competing and honing my skills. I enjoy camping and backcountry flying.
Clayton Stansell331953 Cessna 180N2252xUncle Harvey’s Short Field Flying CircusContinental o-4702550170026 GoodyearMid valley airpark NM
Daryl Hickman221957 Cessna 305C (L19)N4584NCubFlying.comhttps://cubflying.comContinental O-470-15, 213hp240016118.50-6StockORMOND BEACH FLcubflyingDaryl Hickman is an FAA-rated Airline Transport Pilot for land and sea airplanes, and holds Commercial Pilot certificates in balloons and gliders, a Light Sport Repairman-Maintenance certificate, as well as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate for airplanes and gliders. He has successfully trained over 300 students from Sport Pilot through Certificated Flight Instructor. Additionally, Hickman has issued numerous tailwheel endorsements to students in many different aircraft. An honorably discharged veteran, Daryl served with the U.S. Army's 24th Infantry Division in Desert Shield/Storm, and later with the Air National Guard in both Missouri and Washington.
Jeff Abrams651965 Piper Cherokee 180CN8040WPiperzillaLycoming O-360-A4A, 180hp240013886.00x6VG's, Many Gap Seals, & Isham Wing ExtensionsSome Secret StuffOcala FLI have flown for 3 different Airlines, with UPS being my final 25 years as a professional Pilot, though I am now retired! I have been flying for 58+ years and hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, Numerous Type Ratings for several Jet Aircraft, licensed Helicopter Pilot, Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, and have been a Flight Instructor for over 5 decades! I also fly Young Eagles in a Robinson R22 Helicopter, that I own and have flown 557 kids to date. My career has included flying such famous people as Evil Knievil, President Jimmy Carter, Marie Osmond, Peter Frampton, some of the Rolling Stones, and a very wealthy individual on his last flight that died on board, by the name of Howard Hughes. I started flying at 12 years of age, where I needed a phone book to see over the Instrument Panel. I achieved most of my Pilot Certificates at the earliest age possible on my respective birthdays. I received the titles of “3rd Place Light Touring” and “2nd Place Light Touring” for the 2021 & 2022 Seasons, at Gainesville, TX, in the National STOL Contest. My 58 year old Piper Cherokee was the first Cherokee off of the Production Line in 1965. Come see why some of the competition fears “Piperzilla - The Beast from the Southeast”.

Bush (Backcountry)

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Austin Clemens622011 Aviat Husky A1CN62WyClemens AviationO360 180hp22001330Alaskan Bushwheels 29”VG’s, Reversing propBenton, KS KS Clemens is 19 years old and started flying at 12 years old in a Piper Cub. Since then he has flown several models of aircraft including Barons, Bonanzas, Cessna 172 & 180, Boeing Stearmans, Cubs and Husky’s on Amphibs. He now has 2100hours total time and has his Instrument, Commercial and Multi-Engine Ratings. Austin was raised in an aviation family and grew up at Stearman Field in Benton, KS. He has a passion for aviation and loves to fly “The Dog” his favorite Aviat Husky.
David Weinstein1996 Husky A-1N49383Lycoming O-360-A1PAlaskan bush tire 31”Baton Rouge LADavid is a multi engine commercially rated pilot holding an ATP certificate and has rating in the ECLIPSE (EA500)and the PHENOM 100 (EMB 500) He has been flying since he soloed in Opelousas LA in his senior year of high school. He is also a founding partner in the number #1 FBO in the South BTR JET. He began flying his Husky in May of 2020 as a way to socially distance during the COVID-19 outbreak. He can be regularly seen most weekends flying to unimproved landing spot all around Louisiana.
Jeff DalyA551951 Cessna 170AN1355D0-360-A1A22501278ABW 31"VG'sArthur NE@sky_ranchinIve been flying for 3 years. i bough this aircraft almost 2 years ago and have about 900 hours in it. i fly it a lot for work on the family ranch in nebraska and to haul parts for my trucking company.
Jeff Pohl001955 Cessna 170BN4311B170 MafiaLycoming O360A1A 180HP22001427AK Bush 31"Hartzell 80" TrailBlazer, Micro VG's, Sportsman STOL kit,T3 Tailwheel suspensionPrinceton MNstol_it_170bMy Super 170B "The Dirty Bird" was a barn find from out in East Grand Forks, It sat for nearly 25 years when I purchased her. A friend and I spent a day going through it, then I flew her home and began the couple month process of redoing the interior, panel as well as a few other mods making the STOL machine it is today. Myself I've been flying for about 12 years, logged a little over 1500 hrs and have competed in about a dozen competitions so far. The first being the 2019 Valdez STOL Competition where i was able to take 2nd place. I was chosen to be on the 2020 & 2021 STOL team at Oshkosh AirVenture. Im also single looking for an attractive lady with airplanes I can fly, I'm not super picky about the lady but I would prefer the aircraft be a fast CC with seating for 4+ and possibly an open cockpit biplane. lol Thanks in advance, Jeff
Jerry Clemens2008 Aviat Husky A1-CN134DDClemens Insurance2002200142431" BushwheelVG'sBenton KSI’m Jerry and I love the STOL community. Last year I competed in my 1st STOL event here at Swamp STOL. It was great! I fly a 2008 Husky A1C, N134DD better known as Double D. She has 200hp 31” tires and a new reverse thrust prop.
John LewtonA051991 Christensen Husky A1N9605VJohn LewtonLycoming O3601750130029” bush wheelsVG’sBelgrade MTPrivate Pilot / big game outfitter / bronze sculptor Lives in Montana and Lake Arthur Louisiana
Katie Waito691949 PIPER CLIPPERCFGNSyour mom1501650110029' AIRSTREAKERSHORT WING BIG BUTTwroxeter GUkayb0mbFlying low and causing havoc. I fly with my dogs and have a mullet.
Matthew Peterson421957 Cessna 172N44RCTeam SwampSTOLO-300 Continental 145hp22001700Who knows?Wing tips, climb propCool graphics by Frogskin Graphics of Clinton LAEthel, LA LAGoing back to where it all began, COL Peterson makes his triumphant return to Gainesville having flown over 200 different people in his 1957 Cessna 172, The Intruder, AND winning last year’s Most Improved belt buckle based solely on the fact that he sucked so bad in the beginning, there was no where to go but up. Looking to fly better and suck even less, Matt can’t wait to see all of his friends again and go Fanny pack shopping in hopes of keeping up with the latest fashion trends in the piloting world.
Micah Lindstrom991955 Cessna 170BN2407R0-360A1A2200139031” AlaskansSportsman, VG’s, Powerflow and an 83” MT propMilaca MN MNmicah_170BI started flying around with my grandpa in 2009 and then shortly after started taking lessons in 2012 when I was 13 years old. I trained in a Cessna 175 Superlark off a short private grass strip until I got my license at 18. Shortly after high school I bought my first airplane a 1946 Cessna 140 and fell in love with flying taildraggers, I flew it for 2 years until I found my dream airplane a 1955 Cessna 170B and knew it was the right airplane for me. I have been flying this airplane for a 3 years and have absolutely fell in love with it! I am now 23 years old and have roughly 700 hours with the majority being tailwheel flying.
Shawn Johnson521955 Cessna 170BN3417DTaildraggersLycoming o-360, 180hp22001350ABW 31Lycoming engine, MT 210 prop, double puck breaks, owl stol kit, VG’sCustom strip-able interior, custom glass panel, much moreStamping Ground KY flying when I was 6 months old with my dad. Flying has become much more than a job for me it’s a passion. As a father myself now I am trying to pass that passion on to my own boys. Flying for allegiant has become a great career with a great office view but nothing compares to flying low and slow in my super 170B. Competitive in nature means I feel right at home with adrenaline during events and grease under my nails in the hanger modifying and upgrading the plane for the next one. Life is short. Live life from an epic perspective.
John Young1272001 Aviat Husky A-1BN127ETeam Arkanstol O-360 A1P2000138631" Alaskan Bushwheels & Baby BushwheelMicroaero VGs, MT 83" 2 Blade PropellerACME Aero Stinger Tail Suspension, Extended Landing GearOlathe KS am a co-founder of the ArkanSTOL Ozark Backwoods Challenge, which is a new type of motorsport where talented pilots apply backcountry flying techniques while competing against each other in a test of skill and judgment. I was raised in an aviation family, stemming from my dad’s interest in airplanes. I've worked in aviation for 35 years, and spent a lot of it selling Citations. Young Aviation ( grew out of a desire to assist a variety of clients with buying/selling, consulting and pilot services. I'm a 3,000 hour Commercial Pilot with multi-engine, instrument, seaplane, glider, tailwheel, Citation Type, and A&P mechanic ratings. Currently, I manage and fly a Piper Meridian and partner with Mead Aircraft Services to evaluate PA-46 aircraft for maintenance & purchase inspections. I also have experience in PC-12s, Kodiaks, Barons and many others. I keep Stickers ( my Husky) at K34 in Gardner, KS. It lived in my garage and workshop while I rebuilt the right wing and upgraded various parts. It was a gateway for multiple friends to learn about fabric-covered aircraft, the joy of GA flight and the blessing of a patient wife.


NameRace NumberAircraftTail NumberTeam NameTeam WebsiteAircraft EngineAircraft Gross WeightAircraft Empty WeightAircraft TiresAircraft Performance ModsAircraft Other ModsHometownInstagramBio
Brian Steck2212020 American Legend Aircraft MOACN221BSTeam LegendTitan 3702000126531”Aero ClassicMineola TXbrian_steck
Cameron Simmons2015 Cubcrafters Carbon Cub FXN87GSTitan 3401850113035 inch ABWAcme shocksOwasso OK old Born and Raised in Owasso, Oklahoma. Learned to fly in a sport cub. Received my pilot's license when I was 18 and since then I have been gaining experience everyday. 1700 hours and counting. I have two aviation degrees from Oklahoma State. Go Pokes! Aircraft-Had to borrow a cub for this one.
Collin Caneva2022 American Legend Aircraft MOACNX51JMTeam LegendLegend 371 Custom, 225HP20001182Lincoln NE@ccanevaCollin "Evel Caneva" Caneva is a husband, Dad, an entrepreneur, Navy Veteran, and a passionate aviator that was introduced to aviation as a child, through is father, who flew a Cessna 182D. After his father sold the plane in the 70's, he and his dad always dreamt of the day they would replace the airplane, or even better yet, find and buy back the 182 that caused the "seller's remorse". Fast forward 35 years and now Collin travels the county in the plane he's dubbed "Butch" (his father's nickname), finds interesting stories and people in aviation, then he and his "co-pilot" Craig publishes those stories for the world to hear on the show called "OldGreenPlane" which aires on CarbonTV and it's affiliates as well as Youtube. Collin succumbed to the prodding of his aviation friends and in 2019 became a tailwheel pilot, then within months started traveling the country and competing in events. This will be his inaugural season with Team Legend Cub! His love for all things aviation spans all types of flying, but backcountry flying, STOL, and STOLDrag have become his favorite outlets. He's a consistent top-tier competitor that is always working and practicing to improve himself as a racer, but has also been known to set the tone for the camaraderie and "after racing festivities" in the race pits and campground. Check out more at
Luke Spoor7192019 American Legend Aircraft MOACN719RHTeam LegendTitan IOX-3702000105931 DessersSlatsEmory TX@captain_lukeyI have been flying legend cubs since I was about 8 Years old. I solo'd in our company's first aircraft, Tweety, and have been expanding my experience to many different aircraft. In 2019, MOAC came into the world, it was our first proper STOL competitor, and I immediately fell in love with the aircraft. I have flown it all around the country, and competed in two STOL competitions, before it went down for upgrades and a fresh new look. Now MOAC is flying again, and I won 1st place in my class at Swamp STOL this year. I am excited to see what more she can do! New: I was invited to fly at the STOL demo in Oshkosk, that was cool. Newest: Going to beat Brian by another 10 feet.
Mike Babcock2022 Rans S-21N468MMUL Power, UL520T, 220hp18001200Alaska Bush 31"Airmaster Prop systemcarbon system slats, acme aero gearLakeside ORGrew up in Brownsville Oregon where y dad used to land the Huey in the backyard. Always had a love to be in the air. Learned to fly while stationed in Belgium. Came back home to start a business and raise a family of five kids. Purchase a 150 taildragger and started flying again. Finally graduated from flying certified to Experimental upon completing the S-21. The plane is set up to fly fast and hopefully slow enough to be competitive. As I was planning on flying this bird to competitions, I wanted to be comfortable with Oregon Aero seats and a well equipped G3X system with auto pilot. I'm not the lightest homebuilt side x side - but certainly comfortable.
Russell Ueckert, DVM922001 CubCrafters PA-18 SuperCubN871CCDoc’s ObsessionCub Crafters, PA-18, 180hp20001218Alaskan Bush Wheels, 31”Ground Adjustable Sensenich propAbilene TXDoc calls flying his mid-life crisis. Always enamored with aviation, it always seemed to be something beyond his grasp. An impromptu flight with a friend and getting to handle the controls initiated the obsession. Soon the ticket was earned, a 182 joined the family, instrument rating followed, a Bonanza replaced the Cessna, and now the dream plane, a Cub Crafters SuperCub is the “other woman” in Doc’s life. Now off-airport landings in special places are the excitement that keeps Doc’s aviation ambitions fueled. How quick it can take off and how short it can take off continue to amaze him and he works on every landing and takeoff to make it better and better. STOL competition appears to be the expected next step. “Charley” the “other woman” is a stock Cub Crafters SuperCub with 31” Alaskan Bush Wheels and a Sensenich ground adjustable prop.


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Joe Edwards472016 American Legend AL-18N47XPTeam ArkanstolTitan IO-340. 170hp13201030Desser 31”Wing slatsAcme shocksAustin AR
Justin Tisdale182021 Zenith 750 STOLN878DCViking 130 Honda16401120Alaska bush 30” mains - 26” frontNoneSiloam Springs “Bruno”Tisdale Avid dreamer and Tinkerer, took on fathers dream of flying and building after his passing in 2015. USMC retired - built zenith in 2021. Loves long walks on the beach and Fat Tires. Hopes to inspire others to follow their passions and dreams in aviation. The first step is just getting out there, the second is landing…which I’m the worst at. Lol 😂 Hand built Zenith 750 STOL Viking 130 engine 30” airframe Alaska bush tires SkyTron avionics
Kristian Griewahn262021 Just Aircraft SuperStol135WZStol-It Aircrafthttps://stolitaircraft.comRotax 915 140 hp132091529”Linden TNStol it aircraft.comFounded in Fair Play, SC in 2013, we have spent the last 10 years building custom aircrafts for our clients. We have recently moved to Linden, TN building our new builder's assist facility which will be twice the size, a larger runway and in the future, hangars to rent. We love everything about aircrafts, especially the process of building them from scratch.
Rick Boardman942015 CubCrafters Carbon Cub SSN983CCTitan 340135098831 Alaska bushwheelNoneNoneHenderson NE


NameRace NumberAircraftTail NumberTeam NameTeam WebsiteAircraft EngineAircraft Gross WeightAircraft Empty WeightAircraft TiresAircraft Performance ModsAircraft Other ModsHometownInstagramBio
Chris Jamison242005 Zenith 701N701WBSketchyNelly- my plane’s nameRotax 912 ULS110061022” AeroclassicsLess the slats. VGs insteadMarks MSI’m 56, and have had my Sports Pilots Cert for 2 1/2 years (just over 400 hrs) with most of those hours in my Zenith 701 “SketchyNelly “ . I grew up and live in the Mississippi Delta farm country and close to the Mississippi River. The fields, farm roads and Mississippi River sandbars are my play ground for backcountry flying in my 701 with friends in our group the Lost Explorers. I got into the backcountry flying watching a lot of these guys videos that are competing. I attended Swampstol last year, just great people and fun.
davidwarren1959 Cessna 182-BN263DWContinental 0-520-FTS 280 HP26001000800-6
Eric Bentley1953 Cessna 170BN1897CLycoming o-360 A1A 180 HP2200120026" Alaskan Bushwheel,Del Air STC, Sportsmen Stohl Kit, Double puck breaks, P.Ponk beef kitB.A.S Inertia reel Seat belts, tall pull handle,Farmersville, TX TXe170bMy name is Eric Bentley and I'm from Dallas Texas. I started flying in May of 2020 at the age of 39. My father was a Navy pilot and then a Pan Am and finally a Delta pilot. I grew up around aviation and though my Dad never owned his own airplane we always had aviation magazines and talked about airplanes. I finally got seriously interested when owning an airplane became financially feasible for me. Before aviation I was a small business owner in Austin, TX operating a pool servicing business for over a decade that I sold in 2017. After that I began investing and have been self-employed via my investments since then. I plan to be a CFI and would love to fly float planes in the bush one day. I have 155 hours tailwheel time in my aircraft.
Kelly Qualls862007 CubCrafters Sport Cub CC11-100N121PSContinental o2001350912850sVgs, Acme ShocksHot Springs ARGot my pilots license in 2007. Went a while without flying. Bought a Cessna in 2018 and started enjoying flying again. In 2022 I got a 100 cub and started loving flying. Plane is a 2007 Cub Crafters Sport Cub powered by an o200. So far it and I have about 100 hours together since May off last year. It’s allowed me to land on mountains, fields, near lakes, and on river banks. It’s been a blast.
Mike Case2022 American Legend Aircraft MOACN42GCTeam LegendLycoming 3902000122031" DesserConstant Speed Hartzell, Leading Edge Slats, Performance FlapsCargo Pod,Kernersville NC