2024 Season Standings

At the end of the season, an annual champion will be named in each competition class. The annual champion is determined by the number of points accumulated throughout the year. Please note: 80% (in 2024, 8) of the regular season events will count towards annual points. If you participate in more than 8 regular season events, your top 8 finishes will be counted. Lonestar STOL (Friday) is considered a regular season event. The National Finals for pilots who qualify will be held Saturday of the same weekend and count as separate points. You do not have to be present at the final event weekend to win; however, points earned at this event will be added to the existing standings.

2024 Season Standings as of April 28 (after Heritage STOL)

Limited to top 10 per class. For full results, click here.

For more information on how points are awarded, please visit our Rules page.

Individual Event Results

Heritage STOL: Click here for full results

Swamp STOL: Click here for full results