Husky National STOL Announces Partnership with Outlaw STOL

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The HUSKY National STOL Series to Partner with Outlaw STOL, adding an Arizona stop to the competition’s 2022 Season Tour.

The Husky National STOL Series is expanding! We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Outlaw STOL, adding the event to our 2022 Competition Series.

Founded in 2021 by Jonathan Stains, who is active duty military, a pilot, and a skydiver, Outlaw STOL & Fly-In will be held on February 25th and 26th at Somerton Airport (54AZ), Somerton, AZ.

Following his return from Afghanistan, Jonathan began flying in the Pacific Northwest, where he was introduced into a large but very close-knit flying community. In 2020 he was relocated and stationed in Yuma, Arizona, leaving behind this aviation family. He missed the weekend fly-ins, having friends and family in general aviation, and wanted to recreate that culture in Yuma and the surrounding area.

Inspired by the cowboy crop duster style of the Southwest and the Bush flyers of the Northwest, Outlaw STOL was born with the support of Somerton Airport owner, Eric Saltzer, and other local businesses. The Husky National STOL Series shares Jonathan’s passion for growing & preserving the general aviation community & culture, and is honored he chose to partner with us.

This partnership brings a new level of competition to the Somerton event; Outlaw STOL has an already-established baseline of local support and pilots registering from all over the U.S. & Canada. In the event’s second year, these pilots will now compete in the points race toward the Husky National STOL Series’ 2022 Season Championship with Class Champions joining in the fight to maintain their titles. Husky National STOL and Outlaw STOL are excited to see this partnership propel the competition to new heights!


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