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Aviat Aircraft

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World’s Largest MT-Propeller Distributor 
Communications for any environment.
A Family Rich In Aviation Heritage.
Focus on What Matters
Pilot Your Own Adventure!

DUC Propellers USA offers a complete range of aeronautical carbon made propellers and rotors manufactured by DUC Hélices Propellers company, founded in 1997.
Sporty's Pilot Shop
Now in its 61st year, Sporty’s is the world’s largest pilot shop and a leader in the development of pilot training content. Sporty’s Pilot Training platform consists of more than 20 aviation courses for smartphones, tables, and TVs.

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Saturday, Mar 19, 2022
SWAMP STOL DEUX, Jennings, LAJennings, Airport (3R7)
Presents the Bernie Alan Band
310 Fred Ruth Zigler Meml Dr St, Jennings, LA 70546-3012
Phone: +1 855 605 0317

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